HD Brows

HD Brows

 The 7 step treatment for the perfect brow. Including; Analysis and consultation, tinting, waxing, threading, plucking, trimming and aftercare and finish with HD Brow makeup. 

Many people think HD Brows is a specific 'look'. It is not. It is a treatment which will leave you with the best brows you can achieve and sets out a regrowth plan to get them where they need to be. About 90% of people that have plucked away merrily will need to go on a regrowth plan, 5% of you will have perfect brows to do this on as you won't have touched them and 5% of you will likely not be suitable for the treatment as you may have no ability to grow the brow hair need back in. If you think you fall into the last category, drop me a line first so I can book you a free consultation to check them out in person. 


(£21.25 if bringing a friend or returning within six weeks)

A range of HD Brow makeup products are available to purchase.

Sensitivity tests required prior to every first appointment (48hrs minimum) or if you have experienced any changes that could now cause a new sensitivity to PPD (such as pregnancy, medication/skincare etc), if this does not apply a test will need to be performed if you have not had the HD Brows tint for six months. (Please note, you will not be able to have the tinting section of the treatment if pregnant or breastfeeding due to manufacturers instructions)