October update -

Where did September go?! Autumn is upon us and we are into the last few months of the year. I know many of you have booked your Christmas appointments, but for those who haven't please note that the week before Christmas is now full and the cancellation list is open.

So what is happening this month?

Reward card update

October to December Select Reward Card options are;

15 Stamps - Free Dermalogica® SkinSolver® (worth £10)
25 Stamps - Free Dermalogica® travel size product
30 Stamps - Free Dermalogica® ProSkin 30 (worth £26)
60 Stamps - Free Dermalogica® ProSkin 60 (worth £47)

Christmas gift and voucher launch

I know, I know, it is only October. For those of you who like to be prepared and those of you who have been waiting for this years gift sets, here they are along with additional promotions for vouchers...

daily glow duo - PreCleanse Balm 15ml Daily Microfoliant® 4g
RRP £17.50 Our price £14.00

skin smooth favourites - Special Cleansing Gel 50ml Daily Microfoliant® 13g Skin Smoothing Cream 15ml
RRP £30.50 Our price £24.00

your most radiant skin set - Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 50ml MultiVitamin Power Firm 5ml Rapid Reveal Peel 3ml x3
RRP £70 Our price £55.00

the ultimate cleanse & glow trio - PreCleanse 150ml Special Cleansing Gel 250ml Daily Microfoliant® 74g
RRP £78.50 Our price £60.00

12 days to glow advent calendar - PreCleanse 30ml Special Cleansing Gel 50ml Daily Microfoliant® 4g Multi-Active Toner 50ml BioLumin-C Serum 3ml MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque 10ml Skin Smoothing Cream 7ml Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 7ml SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 7ml Stress Positive Eye Lift 6ml Rapid Reveal Peel 3ml Sound Sleep Cocoon™ 10ml
RRP £120.00 Our price £95.00

So there you have all the sets. As you can see they already have massive savings on RRP (the ultimate cleanse & glow trio being 52% off RRP alone), and I have slashed the price again to be internet beating. You won't find them at this price anywhere else!

If you are buying for yourself let me know now as the stock on Christmas items is always very limited. If buying for others, double check what they use and add on a treatment voucher from the options below;

When purchasing ANY gift set add a voucher for -

SkinSolver® £8.95 (normally £10)
ProSkin 30 £24 (normally £26)
ProSkin 60 £43 (normally £47)
ProSkin 30 & Hot Stone back massage £40 (normally £46)
ProSkin 60 & Hot Stone back massage £59 (normally £67)

Everything else

I will be off November 12th-18th so if you want anything booking around that time get to www.bookarh.com to grab your place now!

Have a fun October!

See you soon,



Pleased to share that today I became accredited by MASCED.UK a programme developed to raise awareness of skin cancer across the health, beauty and hairdressing industry.

While we in these industries are not medical professionals who can diagnose, we still see your skin and areas you may not even notice often. This gives us the opportunity to let you know if something looks like it needs checking out by your doctor.

Let your hairdresser or therapist know about this too!


Happy New Year

I hope you are having a good new year so far. First up is the new Select Reward options. The following are valid from now until 31st March and for the first time ever now include free product options;

15 stamps - Free Seal & Protect Lip Balm or Refining Eye Gel or Shower Gel
15 stamps - Eve Taylor® Sixty Minute Skin Treatment for £25 (normally £37.75)
30 stamps - Free Prescriptive Masque or Aromatic Facial Oil
30 stamps - Aromawax back, neck & shoulder massage £12.50 (normally £22)
40 stamps - Free hot stone back, neck & shoulder massage


15 stamps - Free SkinSolver®
20 stamps - Free travel size product (excludes Daily Superfoliant®)
30 stamps - Free ProSkin 30
60 stamps - Free ProSkin 60

Select Reward stamps are given for every whole £10 spent on a treatment in a single transaction. Please remember to bring your card for each appointment as you may miss out on collecting your stamps.

Still time for Winter Glow

Remember you can still book in on www.bookarh.com for your Winter Glow package anytime between now and February 28th, when the promotion will end.

Get Skin Fit in 2018

This month sees the launch of the new Skin Fitness Plans (powered by Facemapping®). It is a new initiative designed for you to have a more in depth conversation with me regarding your skin every few months, so we can keep on top of any seasonal changes to your skin (i.e. dehydrated in winter because of heating). For January you can book in a special package which includes time for a Skin Fitness Plan, a SkinSolver® treatment and a prescriptive skin health kit for £30 on www.bookarh.com (look under the seasonal packages to find it).

Price increases 

As always, I am giving you the heads up in January, however any price increases I make always take effect in the new tax year which starts on the 6th April, but as this falls on a Friday I will be delaying the increases until the following week. So with effect from 9th April 2018 you will see an increase in price of all services, except for those detailed below which will remain static.

Not affected are Aromawax massages, which were priced in anticipation of cost rises, nor are any Eve Taylor® skin treatments for the same reason. Dermalogica® treatments, which you will already be aware of had the prices changed with effect from 1st January when the new ProSkin 30 and ProSkin 60 replaced the old treatments.

I will be able to tell you how prices are changing when I next see you.

Price decreases (yes, decreases)

As of right now, I will be disregarding all RRP for Dermalogica® retail items. Previously when Dermalogica® retail was sold, you could get free treatments depending on how much you spent. Taking on board feedback that people would just prefer a lower price, I am happy to accommodate and swap out free treatments for lower prices. 

For example;
PreCleanse 150ml was £37 - now £29.07
Active Moist 100ml was £50 - now £39.53

I hope you will find this a bit more easy to understand than the old system of spend this to get that, spend a pound more and get this or that, buy seven of these and get a fancy hat and so on. I will still have freebies that pop up through the year which will still form part of promotions though. 

Other stuff

This month for every Dermalogica® product you buy, you will receive a trial size that I think will work great with your skin (while stocks last).

Keep hold of your receipt as if you spend £25 on any Eve Taylor® products this month you can use the coupon to claim a free Refining Eye Gel.   

That is all for this month. I hope you have a great January!

See you soon,


November & December

Water and moisturiser

As this time of year brings challenges to keeping our skin hydrated, are you applying your moisturiser correctly?

Someone came in and asked me during the past few weeks why their skin did not feel as hydrated as usual and asked if I could help. After questioning their routine, we identified a simple change that fixed the issue. I am to blame for the problem! More specifically my lack of educating (sorry). You see what is obvious to me as a professional may not be to you and I should really take more time to guide you through the steps of your new routine with more detail. As you know, when you buy a product I will talk to you about how to use it, when to use it and what it does. I do need to go the extra step and tell you how it works, which is the missing gap between how to use it and what it does.

Take for example your moisturiser, which is used after your toner. We all know what moisturiser does, don't we? Simply speaking it stops TEWL (transepidermal water loss), this means whatever moisture is on your skin stays on your skin, in addition to the moisture delivered by the moisturiser (and any 'active' ingredients to target specific issues). The toner step is used to prepare your skin. Specifically Dermalogica toners like Multi-Active Toner contain humectants which bind moisture to the skin. Your skin naturally produces humectants like lactic acid, so it is not a 'nasty' extra ingredient, it just helps to support your skins natural barrier functions.

So what have I missed that would help? Water is what. You see to me, based on what my toner and moisturiser do, it is obvious that I need water on my skin. But I may not have explained that to you. So based on what you now know now about your toner (moisture binding) and moisturiser (moisture trapping and delivery), the perfect thing to add would be more water! How do we do this? If you cleanse and exfoliate then go and brush your teeth, make sure when it comes to spraying your toner that your skin is damp. A little splash of water will make all the difference. If you still find that through your day you need a boost, spray your toner over your face for a moisture boost (tip: this also helps to set makeup perfectly).

Winter Glow treatment packages

Available now until the end of February either to have yourself or available as a voucher to give for Christmas.

I have three options put together, depending on how long you want to stay on the treatment bed for!

Winter Glow Bronze - Hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage and a Eve Taylor® 10 minute skin treatment (£23) or a Dermalogica® SkinSolver® (£25).

Winter Glow Silver - Hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage and a Eve Taylor® 30 minute skin treatment (£33) or Dermalogica® ProSkin30 (£37).

Winter Glow Gold - Hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage and a Eve Taylor® 60 minute skin treatment (£46) or Dermalogica® ProSkin60 (£53).

Skin savers

A chance to grab three superstar products for a special price. Treat yourself to travel sizes of PreCleanse Balm, any Dermalogica® cleanser and Daily Superfoliant. Normally £42.50+, until the end of December they are yours for £30.

Buy four get one free

Until 23rd December any Dermalogica® or Eve Taylor® retail purchases have a buy four and get one free offer. This is the perfect chance to step up your skin care game. Offer excludes travel size products and lowest priced product is free. 

Everything else

Receipt coupon from now until New Year will have a £5 off coupon for any Eve Taylor® product purchase. 

As the year draws to a close, please remember that appointments become limited, so if you want to make sure you get one please book now on www.bookarh.com

See you soon,





New treatment concepts from Dermalogica®

For many years Dermalogica® has been at the forefront of product formulation and has also been an innovator on the professional side of the industry. 

From January you will be seeing a new look and a rethink on how professional treatments are performed.

The first change is to facemapping® skin analysis. You know that 14 zone map of your face you get post treatment? Well it is about to become much more easy to understand. Reducing the amount of zones to make your facemap simple, you will receive the brand new Skin Fitness Plan (powered by facemapping®). 

Next to change is the professional services. Staying put is the SkinSolver® ten minute treatment (£10), launched last year. 

So what is changing? From January microZone®, the Dermalogica Skin Treatment® and IonActive will be no more. You see they are all fantastic treatments, but if they can be made even more amazing then why not do that?

Introducing the new and upgraded skin treatments;

ProSkin 30 - 30 minutes, £26 - Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time. (replaces microZone® 20 minute treatment)

ProSkin 60 - 60 minutes, £47 - The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customised with advanced products, techniques and technology. A comprehensive service to address all skin concerns. (replaces the 60 minute Dermalogica Skin Treatment® and 45 minute IonActive treatment)

Expert Active - 30-60 minutes, £50 - Intensive resurfacing treatment for dramatic results. A super charged treatment that features BioSurface Peel powered up with the latest technology to deliver smooth polished skin. Intensive products, no redness, no downtime...just amazing skin.

So what is different? The power of IonActive products is what. Rather than keep them as a stand alone high-end treatment, the range will be split and form part of my main professional product arsenal. This means I can power up your treatment like never before, giving you quick and dramatic results in just one appointment. 

New options are available to book now. Existing options will remain in place until the end of the month. Any appointments booked for January and beyond will automatically upgraded to the new treatment options. If you have any questions about the changes just reply to this email and I'll get back to you with an answer!

Why you need to cleanse twice

Specifically oil based cleansers and what they do -

You may now be seeing oil based cleansers pop up everywhere and you may not be quite sure what they do. You see the best way to remove oil from your face is to put more on! Crazy isn't it?

The oil that is mixed in with whatever oil is on your skin, be that your skins natural oil (sebum), makeup or SPF oleosomes, will all blend into one. A cleansing oil is always hydrophillic (loves water) unlike the other types of oil found on your skin naturally or from products which can be hydrophobic. Using the hydrophillic properties of the cleansing oil, water can be introduced and this not only emulsifies itself, but also the other oils that we don't want on the skin.

Once the skin is superficially 'clean' of these oils your regular prescribed cleanser can actually do the job it was designed for much better than a double cleanse with one cleanser can do. Without the oily debris, your cleanser can now reach the follicles and pores to remove trapped debris.

If you are a heavy makeup wearer (12 hour foundation, long stay lipstick, heavy mascara) you especially need to make sure you are cleansing correctly. 

Free samples of Precleanse and Precleanse Balm are available, just ask at your next appointment.

Promotion extension 

Eve Taylor® launch Deal originally only available for September, but due to demand I've extended the end date to 31st October.

Eve Taylor® Sixty Minute Skin Treatment, with a Candle back, neck and shoulder massage (including the Eve Taylor® Aroma Wax candle to take home) and a Eve Taylor® Skin Kit. (Normal price £80.74)

Offer price £50

Book yours in now on www.bookarh.com

Prep and Go SkinSolver®

Designed for the party season - 

Deep clean, and hydrate skin for maximum luminosity and glow. This service ensures your skin is a smooth and polished canvas while giving you a choice of targeting your favourite facial feature – eyes or lips. Skin is illuminated and dewy – leaving you with a healthy natural look or perfectly primed for makeup application. 

10 minutes - £10
Book in for the day of your work night out here www.bookarh.com


Everything else

Remember to keep your receipt this month, it will have a coupon for a manicure in November for £15 which includes a free OPI Avojuice hand lotion. 

I hope you have a great October and look forward to seeing you soon!



September news and promotions

September sees the launch of new treatment options and new product additions.

First up, I'm happy to announce the return of Eve Taylor® skin care treatments and products. As many of you know, I currently use Eve Taylor® oils during massage treatments. If you have been coming to me for a few years you will remember that I used these products (amongst others) prior to taking on the Dermalogica® range. At the time, the decision to streamline the offering was to avoid too much confusion, as at the time I had five ranges! I know that some of you also still use elements of the other ranges alongside Dermalogica®.

Recently Eve Taylor® have been making impressive advancements in their formulas and have a great range of products to support professional treatments at home. This is why I have decided to re-introduce the range. 

Treatment launches for Eve Taylor® -
(Descriptions on website)
Skin Ten - £7.50 (10 min)
Skin Thirty - £19.75 (30 min)
Skin Sixty - £37.75 (60 min)

As an extra option, if you want extra massage time, you can book 15 minute time slots for £7.50.

A brand new addition is Candle Massage -

Using organic plant wax, the handmade Eve Taylor® Aroma Wax candle range melt at a much lower temperature than regular wax (good thing eh!), meaning that once partially melted, the wax which is infused with high grade essential oils can be used for massage. Once your treatment ends you can take your candle to use at home. It has a burn time of 40 hours (less time when used for massage) and is perfect for hands, elbows and feet, meaning it is the treatment that just keeps going (or you can just use it as a candle of course).

Candle back, neck and shoulder massage is £22 or the full body massage option is £37. Candle can be selected on the day and include amazing blends like Fruit Crush, Wild Fig & Grape and Ylang Ylang. The Eve Taylor® Aroma Wax massage candles are available to purchase separately for £13.19.

To celebrate the launch of the Eve Taylor® range, for September you can book the following Eve Taylor® Launch Deal - 

Skin Sixty treatment, with a Candle back, neck and shoulder massage (including Eve Taylor® Aroma Wax candle to take home) and a Eve Taylor® Skin Kit. (Normal price £80.74

Offer price £50
Book yours in now on www.bookarh.com

Dermalogica® Pre Cleanse Balm Launch

Launching 7th September is the new Pre Cleanse Balm. It uses the same principles as Pre Cleanse however it is more suited to drier skins. It is also great for use on the go or on holiday. It comes in 90ml full size for £44 or a handy travel size 15ml for £14.70. 

Launch deal -
Purchase 90ml Pre Cleanse Balm and get the travel size 15ml and any travel size cleanser. (Worth £69.20)

Offer price £44

Also this month you can go travel size mad with a Pick 'n' Mix of travel size cleansers, toners, moisturisers and masques. Pick any three products (worth £30+) for just £14.99 (while stocks last)


Everything else

Remember to keep your receipt this month, a coupon for £5 off the new Candle Massage treatments is attached, so if you don't want to take advantage of the Eve Taylor® Launch Offer, you can still try out this amazing new treatment. When you come in this month remember to have your Christmas appointment time and date in mind. Currently the Friday and Saturday before is now full and the Wednesday and Thursday is nearly full. I will also be available the Monday and Tuesday of that week.

See you soon,



Happy August to you!

August has started and in a slight change, the newsletter/blog post will from now on be on the first Friday of every month. 

This month sees the continuation of the 30-30-30 promotion from Dermalogica®. The promotion runs until the end of the month, however appointments are now limited (book now on www.bookarh.com) so be sure to grab one before they are gone for the year.

Receipt coupon

Remember to keep your receipt from August, as it will have a coupon for use in September. The coupon gives you £5.00 off the LVL Enhance treatment. To book your LVL Enhance treatment for September go to www.bookarh.com now (a sensitivity test is required 48hrs prior to appointment).

Everything else...

The M&S £25 voucher winner was Val Wainwright. To keep up to date with all competitions and up to the minute information connect to the social network channels linked at the bottom of every page on the site.

September will see the launch of some new treatments, as an email subscriber you will be entitled to a special launch promotion, so get signed up to it!


See you soon and have a great August,



Return of 30-30-30

Those of you who are Dermalogica® fans know every year a promotion is run called 30-30-30. For those of you not in the know, it is a chance for you to get products and treatment at the same time for a massive saving off the purchase of a regular kit.

This year is slightly different as not only do I have the Meet Dermalogica® Kit in stock again, I have also been given VERY limited access to purchase kits from segmented lines (AGE Smart, MediBac, Clear Start etc.) and specific kits (normal/oily, oily, dry etc.) at a reduced rate for the first time with this promotion.

This means you can have 30 minutes of skin treatment for £30 and get 30 days of product while saving a bundle (AGE Smart Kit has a RRP of £48).

The downside is that I have a limit on how many I can order. So while I'm sure I will have plenty of the Meet Dermalogica® Kits in, I cannot guarantee how long I will have the segmented lines in stock. If you want to book your appointment now and state a preference for which kit you would like please go to www.bookarh.com now and book in '30-30-30 promotion'. 

But I don't want a skin kit...

For those of you who already have the perfect product routine in place and are coming in for your usual 60 minute treatment, don't worry you've not been forgotten. During July if you are having any 60 minute treatment you get to have a go at a little product pick 'n' mix. You'll be given a Dermalogica® bag and get to choose three special size products ranging from cleansers up to masques. It is a great chance to try something new or something that will compliment your routine (e.g. pick up a Dermal Clay Cleanser to use as a masque if you are happy with your current cleanser).

Other promotions

Ask for a free sample of Dermalogica® Solar Defence Booster SPF50. A broad spectrum SPF which can be applied over your moisturiser for protection against ageing and damaging UV rays. You can also mix this in with your moisturiser or your foundation (this will reduce the SPF due to dilution however, so be careful!).

Receipt coupon this month is for a free underarm wax when you have spent £20 on other treatments. 

Select Reward options are changing this month, these will run until December 31st and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. Remember to bring your card in on each occasion as there is no other system to track the stamps, use it or lose it! Here are your options;


10 stamps - microZone® for £15 & 5% off products
20 stamps - free extra touch therapy with any 60min treatment & 5% off products
30 stamps - 60min treatment for £25 & 5% off products
60 stamps - £30 off any Dermalogica® product & 5% off additional products

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy

30 stamps - Full body hot stone massage for £25
45 stamps - Free hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage

LVL Enhance

30 stamps - LVL Enhance treatment for £25
75 stamps - LVL Enhance treatment for free


Treatment start times

We are currently having work done on the street by Welsh Water. This is restricting traffic flow and limiting parking on the street. Please keep this in mind before you set out. A small delay can be catered for by reducing your treatment time, however some treatment timings allow no 'wiggle room' and may result in your treatment having to be refused. I do hate to do it, however it is not fair on the person in after you having to wait. Thank you for your understanding.


Travel size Protection Sport SPF50 

It is back, but only in limited quantities. The demand for the travel size is very big and unfortunately I cannot hold the item for you (if you want it holding to the next day that's fine, I just can't hold on to them for weeks at a time). The full size is still available and has stable stock levels.

Dermalogica® refer a friend card

You can now take a refer a friend card to fill out, which if your friend comes in for a Dermalogica® treatment means you both get a free travel size product of your choice (excl. Daily Superfoliant). I will not force these into your hands by the way, you do need to ask for one (you can keep me your secret if you like!). I thought it would be a nice treat for those of you who recommend me all the time! 


Prize draw 

You may see on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a prize draw promotion for a £25 M&S voucher. This is a promotion to get people to sign up for the email newsletter. Your name will be entered automatically if you are a current subscriber, check out social media channels for the draw at the end of July!

Have a great month and I'll see you soon!




June news and promotions

Lovely weather in May wasn't it? Let's hope June gives us more of the same. Remember to use an SPF daily, prevention is better than cure! 

First up, all this month all microZone® treatments will be £20 instead of £24. If you are going to or from a specific destination a new set of holiday protocols have been designed to keep your skin looking its best. So if you've never tried one before, now is the time.

Receipt coupon this month is for a manicure for £17.50 in June (saving £2.50). This will also come with a free OPI Avojuice hand and body lotion (worth £2.25). Remember to keep your receipt following each treatment as there are different offers on all the time, and if you don't want to use it you can pass it on to a friend to use.

This years father's day is June 18th. If you don't fancy getting him socks, why not try the Dermalogica® limited edition shave essentials set. Available for £15.50 and add on a skinsolver® 10 minute treatment voucher for just £4.50 extra (normally £10).

Pucker up!

Your lips are the very expression of who you are. Yet with constant daily workouts from eating, drinking and communicating, the lips and perioral region (the skin surrounding the lips) can start to show signs of wear and tear. Prevent and correct feather lines and loss of volume with targeted lip care. Looking after your lips is easy, with these top tips and the reasons why your lips may be dry;

First up why are the lips different to the rest of the skin on your face? Well the answer is that your lips have no stratum corneum (outermost layer of your skin, typically 15-20 layers of flattened cells). This means in comparison we only have around 3-5 layers on our lips. Another feature is a reduced complement of oil and sweat glands. The only source of moisture to the lips is saliva, which dries out natural oils from the skin around the lips. As a result, moisture evaporates from the lips much faster than from the rest of the skin, causing lips to dry out easily leaving you to develop fine feather lines. 

Lip balms are a popular quick fix, however they may contribute to the issue. Heavy mineral oil based balms can reduce the production of natural barrier protection, which then leads to a cycle of having to reapply as your own protection is reduced. In severe cases, you may notice when you stop using these products your lips become flaky and even split and bleed. Avoid mineral oil or petroleum based lip balms. Nourish dry lips with treatments rich in plant oils like shea butter, which restores the natural barrier and hydrates. 

Lipstick bleeding? The main muscle of the lips is circular and as it contracts, the skin puckers. Ageing skin loses elasticity and, particularly if lips are drier, fine feather lines can develop. Smoking and sipping through straws will accelerate this. Lipsticks are wax based, so they warm and melt on application causing them to run and 'bleed' into these fine lines that radiate from the mouth. Try applying a primer to the lips first to set your lipstick and avoid this problem.

Lips losing volume? After 30 we start to lose collagen, which is the skin fibre that gives strength, tone and volume. In fact we lose 1% collagen per year from the age of 30. It is normal for lips to suffer progressively decreased volume decade on decade because of this biological change. Keeping lips well hydrated will improve the perception of volume. 

Solution? New Nightly Lip Treatment. Launching on 8th June, this rich overnight treatment firms, hydrates and restores the lip and perioral region, smoothing the appearance of laugh and feather lines while you sleep. 

Ingredients include Indian Genetian extract, which firms by increasing epidermal thickness and smooths feather lines. Sesame seed extract increases hydration to boost volume and decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Shea butter restores barrier function while hyaluronic acid and apple extract (which provides a saccharide complex) along with advanced volumising technology, enhance hydration and smooth.

New Nightly Lip Treatment is £47.50 and samples are available now. 

I've fallen in love with it. It has a lovely cool feeling when it goes on and smells great from some of the essential oils in it. The applicator is the same as the new Stress Positive Eye Lift and it also comes with a massage routine like that product:

I hope you have a great June and I'll see you soon,


May - extra

Summer holidays on the way, where are you going?

Wherever you are going, make sure you are not neglecting your skin. Not looking after it for a couple of weeks can't be undone instantly, so I'm telling you now meaning I can say "told you so" in a few weeks. Don't make me say it!

Travel knowing your skin is covered. Purchase your regular moisturiser* and two travel sizes, and get a free Dermalogica® tote bag and travel size Power Cleanse Duo (Pre Cleanse & Daily Microfoliant) worth £34.

Get the Travel Essentials Kit containing award winning Conditioning Body Wash, Body Hydrating Cream along with Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Rinse for £30 (normally £37), which will count as your two travel sizes if you don't need the other travel size skin products. BTW you have to come and smell these four, they are on the tester stand, so make sure to have a look next time you are in.

Don't like greasy sun creams that give you spots? Neither do I, which is why I have plenty of samples of Protection 50 Sport SPF50. It is a broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) lightweight and water resistant SPF, which as the name suggests makes it great for sport but also for when you need to know your skin is adequately protected. Try before you buy with a sample and invest in the best sunscreen you will ever own for £32.50.

Heads up for June, where you can book your personalised holiday skin microZone® treatment for £20. Protocols have been specifically designed for whatever your holiday destination, making sure your skin doesn't need a holiday after you've had yours. And while we are on the subject of travel...

Barrier Repair from the UltraCalming® range is the perfect insulator for your skin on a flight, making sure your skins TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss in case you want to know for future reference. It may also pop up in a quiz!) is kept to a minimum, and perfect for whatever destination as it can also help protect your skin from wind burn if you are off skiing.

Diversion of products

Currently there is a massive upswing of fake and diverted products flooding the market. Dermalogica® have now started implementing new tracking procedures (Overnight Retinol Repair 1% is the first to have them), this will hopefully see an end to diversion on the level that it is currently.

Diversion, if you are not aware is stores (like T.K. Maxx) obtaining professional salon brands from people who hold genuine accounts with companies like Dermalogica®, Elemis, Tigi, O.P.I. etc. and selling them on. Perfectly acceptable you might think. The problem with this is some products have a 'use by' date. In a salon we are aware of how long stock has been on a shelf, and if it is out of date or about to be unusable within a couple of months and we send it back and get the product replaced with a fresh one. Those selling to stores are most likely not really bothered as there is no motivation for them to go to that kind of trouble. Then there is the issue of storage. I do not have a warehouse which flips up and down into high and low temperatures, whereas these stores can do. The environment the products are kept in can have an effect on the stability of the product. There are places like John Lewis (an authorised stockist) that have Dermalogica® staff in them who can make sure the products are stored correctly, and more importantly professionally prescribed. If you look on your products packaging, most do say the are guaranteed when professionally recommended. Meaning if you have bought them without being checked by a professional for any potential allergies or risk of aggravation of a condition, then it is buyer beware and you have no legal recourse with these stores. 

Fake products are another issue. When any brand becomes popular, there is always a fake following not too far behind. With this it is a simple matter of you not knowing what is going on your face.

How do we fix the problem? Stop buying online and start buying from a local authorised stockist. I know sometimes the online thing can be a draw to save a few quid, which is why from 13//05/2017 a price match guarantee will cover all Dermalogica® products sold through authorised retailers found here: http://www.dermalogica.co.uk/uk/about/authorised_retailers.html and I will also price match www.johnlewis.com this is up to you to point out when you come in and I can check on the day (I don't have time to check them all daily as I don't have the resources of John Lewis!). As an added note, the free treatments with spend levels is still in place, which you do not get online and also certain freebies like above will remain exclusive to treatment providers.

As always T&C's apply and promotions are limited to available stock, so if you want anything that is free or reduced in price be quick. Book your next appointment now on: www.bookarh.com

See you soon,


(*Moisturiser in 100ml or 50ml sizes, excluding Clear Start range)


May news and promotions

Nearly half way through the year already! If you are going away, please remember to get your appointment booked in advance. Recently I've seen the waiting list growing each week and unfortunately people are missing out on the times they want or having to come in up to two weeks later than they would prefer. I know it is not always easy to know your schedule so far in advance, but if you could have an idea about the dates and times you would like for your next appointment, that would be a great help!

New invest in you promotion

May sees the end of the last invest in you promotion. I hope you enjoyed all the free products you got to try because of it! Because it was so popular, from May 1st, whenever you have either the Dermalogica Skin Treatment® or an Expert Active treatment, you will have £10 to spend on Dermalogica® products at the end of your appointment (excludes travel sizes). So if you've been wanting to try that masque or oil you've had your eye on, now you can!

Stress Positive Eye Lift

Get a free Stress Positive Eye Lift travel size with every microZone®, Dermalogica Skin Treatment® or Expert Active Treatment this month. Also I have extended the Stress Positive Eye Lift promotion from last month, so those of you who have already tried it can take advantage of a free skinsolver® (worth £10) when you buy it (SPEL £53.50). And remember, if you are also buying your recommended eye treatment at the same time, you get a free eye makeup remover (worth £23.50).

Limited edition shave kit

Close shave with no irritation. Dermalogica® Shave range is designed to prep the skin for the perfect shave, protect during and reduce redness after. Limited edition Shave kit is available for £15.50 and contains Daily Clean Scrub to lift facial hair away from the skin and prep for the razor, Soothing Shave Cream to offer glide with the razor while maintaining a vital moisturising barrier with the skin and Post Shave Balm which contains botanical extracts to soothe the skin, while salicylic acid reduces inflammation and helps to prevent the formation of red bumps post-shave. 

Free gift with treatments and purchases

If you are spending £100 on treatments and products combined this month, you can also take away the Dermalogica® Sponge Cloth for free (worth £13.50). A textured cloth that removes every trace of product from your skin. The cloth will dry hard when rinsed and wrung out, meaning it does not provide bacteria with a perfect breeding ground like flannels do!

Free with £100 spend on products and treatments in May.

That is all for this month. I look forward to seeing you in May and thank you for coming to see me in April!