Valentine's Day and why I don't want you to buy anything for it

A little bit about why you shouldn't buy from us this Valentine's Day.

Last year we did something bold, rather than saying "come and buy a voucher for a skin treatment (AKA Facial) or purchase this product" like other retailers, we said "don't buy anything from us...unless you've been asked".

Why did we do this? Because every year we have people come in to use vouchers after Valentine's Day who were looking forward to the treatment, but a tiny upset they had a gift that says "Here, make your face nicer". Instead we told you to take your other half out to do something they and you could both enjoy. And we also had a nice response from people who actually did want a nicer face (well skin), and asked the other half for a voucher.

This year is no different. So instead of going out and buying something they may not like, ask them if they would like to go on a day out, book a weekend away or even just have a nice night in. If you KNOW they would love something from us, then we are here.

February promotions (if you fancy treating yourself)

The receipt promotion is still on, so remember not to throw yours away. You can get LVL Enhance lash treatment for £30 instead of £40 in February. Dermalogica® promotions for this month are freebies galore! 

Spend £70 on treatments or products combined and get a free travel size product worth £11.90
Spend £90 on treatments or products combined and get a free full size Sheer Tint moisturiser worth £34.80
Buy Power Rich intensive treatment (ideal prep before a big event) for £142.40 and get a free IonActive Treatment AND full sizes of Skin Resurfacing Cleanser and Anti-Oxidant Hydramist. A total of £276.20 of treatments and products meaning a saving of £133.80!
Buy three get one free on all skin treatments. Meaning if you buy in advance you can take advantage of one of the above freebies!


Charity Donations for January 

At the start of January I made a pledge to make any change I could to make the world a bit better. And hasn't it been a right month where it really could be better?

Anyway, I said I would give a £1 for each treatment performed. I've done just that. Each month on the last day I will use the suggestions I've heard from you throughout the month when you visit to make donations to various charities and organisations.

Below is a list of things that just by visiting me in January you have had a part in. Thank you from me and from those you have helped.

Locally we have;

Pledged £60 worth of products and treatments to a local fundraiser (this is separate and in addition to what was raised, all treatment £'s went directly to charities and didn't return to me as that would just be daft and wrong!)

Given a £10 donation to Claire House Hospice

Given a £10 donation to Wales Air Ambulance Charity

Internationally we have;

Paid for 40 measles vaccines (to protect 20 children)

Paid for 100 polio vaccines

Paid for water purification tablets to make 20,000 litres of water drinkable in emergency situations, when the fresh water supply is compromised.

(The previous three were donated through The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) )

And also internationally is something a bit different. Microfinance institutions; these are local institutions that borrow money to local entrepreneurs for them to start/expand their business, which will lift them and their families out of poverty. This is done through local lenders who support the borrower with lessons in bookkeeping and finance management. It means they do not have to rely on a lender who might take advantage of them. And rather than one person or company like us lending their whole loan, it is split between multiple lenders. The business owner pays back their loan and the exact amount we lent them comes back for us to help someone else (no profit is made by any lender).

This month we have helped for funding towards the expansion of the salon business of Silvana Cueva from Catamayo, Ecuador. She will be using the money, once fully funded, to purchase equipment and products. Her business supports herself, her mother and also provides work to an assistant.

So there we go. Just for coming in and getting your brows done or having a skin treatment you have helped people locally and across the world, well done you! 

Two new launches

February will see the launch of two new initiatives. The first being Knowledge base, the first post of which will be uploaded next week. It will contain lessons on product use, skin conditions and generally anything else that I get asked questions about. Next time you visit ask for the password. The second is a new Facebook group called ARH Skincare Last Minute. If you search for this on Facebook and add yourself I will approve you. It is a closed group which will have any last minute appointment cancellations and the occasional promotion if a space is left in my day. Well worth taking a look at if you have a day off and are at a loose end!


See you soon,