May news and promotions

Nearly half way through the year already! If you are going away, please remember to get your appointment booked in advance. Recently I've seen the waiting list growing each week and unfortunately people are missing out on the times they want or having to come in up to two weeks later than they would prefer. I know it is not always easy to know your schedule so far in advance, but if you could have an idea about the dates and times you would like for your next appointment, that would be a great help!

New invest in you promotion

May sees the end of the last invest in you promotion. I hope you enjoyed all the free products you got to try because of it! Because it was so popular, from May 1st, whenever you have either the Dermalogica Skin Treatment® or an Expert Active treatment, you will have £10 to spend on Dermalogica® products at the end of your appointment (excludes travel sizes). So if you've been wanting to try that masque or oil you've had your eye on, now you can!

Stress Positive Eye Lift

Get a free Stress Positive Eye Lift travel size with every microZone®, Dermalogica Skin Treatment® or Expert Active Treatment this month. Also I have extended the Stress Positive Eye Lift promotion from last month, so those of you who have already tried it can take advantage of a free skinsolver® (worth £10) when you buy it (SPEL £53.50). And remember, if you are also buying your recommended eye treatment at the same time, you get a free eye makeup remover (worth £23.50).

Limited edition shave kit

Close shave with no irritation. Dermalogica® Shave range is designed to prep the skin for the perfect shave, protect during and reduce redness after. Limited edition Shave kit is available for £15.50 and contains Daily Clean Scrub to lift facial hair away from the skin and prep for the razor, Soothing Shave Cream to offer glide with the razor while maintaining a vital moisturising barrier with the skin and Post Shave Balm which contains botanical extracts to soothe the skin, while salicylic acid reduces inflammation and helps to prevent the formation of red bumps post-shave. 

Free gift with treatments and purchases

If you are spending £100 on treatments and products combined this month, you can also take away the Dermalogica® Sponge Cloth for free (worth £13.50). A textured cloth that removes every trace of product from your skin. The cloth will dry hard when rinsed and wrung out, meaning it does not provide bacteria with a perfect breeding ground like flannels do!

Free with £100 spend on products and treatments in May.

That is all for this month. I look forward to seeing you in May and thank you for coming to see me in April!