Return of 30-30-30

Those of you who are Dermalogica® fans know every year a promotion is run called 30-30-30. For those of you not in the know, it is a chance for you to get products and treatment at the same time for a massive saving off the purchase of a regular kit.

This year is slightly different as not only do I have the Meet Dermalogica® Kit in stock again, I have also been given VERY limited access to purchase kits from segmented lines (AGE Smart, MediBac, Clear Start etc.) and specific kits (normal/oily, oily, dry etc.) at a reduced rate for the first time with this promotion.

This means you can have 30 minutes of skin treatment for £30 and get 30 days of product while saving a bundle (AGE Smart Kit has a RRP of £48).

The downside is that I have a limit on how many I can order. So while I'm sure I will have plenty of the Meet Dermalogica® Kits in, I cannot guarantee how long I will have the segmented lines in stock. If you want to book your appointment now and state a preference for which kit you would like please go to www.bookarh.com now and book in '30-30-30 promotion'. 

But I don't want a skin kit...

For those of you who already have the perfect product routine in place and are coming in for your usual 60 minute treatment, don't worry you've not been forgotten. During July if you are having any 60 minute treatment you get to have a go at a little product pick 'n' mix. You'll be given a Dermalogica® bag and get to choose three special size products ranging from cleansers up to masques. It is a great chance to try something new or something that will compliment your routine (e.g. pick up a Dermal Clay Cleanser to use as a masque if you are happy with your current cleanser).

Other promotions

Ask for a free sample of Dermalogica® Solar Defence Booster SPF50. A broad spectrum SPF which can be applied over your moisturiser for protection against ageing and damaging UV rays. You can also mix this in with your moisturiser or your foundation (this will reduce the SPF due to dilution however, so be careful!).

Receipt coupon this month is for a free underarm wax when you have spent £20 on other treatments. 

Select Reward options are changing this month, these will run until December 31st and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. Remember to bring your card in on each occasion as there is no other system to track the stamps, use it or lose it! Here are your options;


10 stamps - microZone® for £15 & 5% off products
20 stamps - free extra touch therapy with any 60min treatment & 5% off products
30 stamps - 60min treatment for £25 & 5% off products
60 stamps - £30 off any Dermalogica® product & 5% off additional products

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy

30 stamps - Full body hot stone massage for £25
45 stamps - Free hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage

LVL Enhance

30 stamps - LVL Enhance treatment for £25
75 stamps - LVL Enhance treatment for free


Treatment start times

We are currently having work done on the street by Welsh Water. This is restricting traffic flow and limiting parking on the street. Please keep this in mind before you set out. A small delay can be catered for by reducing your treatment time, however some treatment timings allow no 'wiggle room' and may result in your treatment having to be refused. I do hate to do it, however it is not fair on the person in after you having to wait. Thank you for your understanding.


Travel size Protection Sport SPF50 

It is back, but only in limited quantities. The demand for the travel size is very big and unfortunately I cannot hold the item for you (if you want it holding to the next day that's fine, I just can't hold on to them for weeks at a time). The full size is still available and has stable stock levels.

Dermalogica® refer a friend card

You can now take a refer a friend card to fill out, which if your friend comes in for a Dermalogica® treatment means you both get a free travel size product of your choice (excl. Daily Superfoliant). I will not force these into your hands by the way, you do need to ask for one (you can keep me your secret if you like!). I thought it would be a nice treat for those of you who recommend me all the time! 


Prize draw 

You may see on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a prize draw promotion for a £25 M&S voucher. This is a promotion to get people to sign up for the email newsletter. Your name will be entered automatically if you are a current subscriber, check out social media channels for the draw at the end of July!

Have a great month and I'll see you soon!