New treatment concepts from Dermalogica®

For many years Dermalogica® has been at the forefront of product formulation and has also been an innovator on the professional side of the industry. 

From January you will be seeing a new look and a rethink on how professional treatments are performed.

The first change is to facemapping® skin analysis. You know that 14 zone map of your face you get post treatment? Well it is about to become much more easy to understand. Reducing the amount of zones to make your facemap simple, you will receive the brand new Skin Fitness Plan (powered by facemapping®). 

Next to change is the professional services. Staying put is the SkinSolver® ten minute treatment (£10), launched last year. 

So what is changing? From January microZone®, the Dermalogica Skin Treatment® and IonActive will be no more. You see they are all fantastic treatments, but if they can be made even more amazing then why not do that?

Introducing the new and upgraded skin treatments;

ProSkin 30 - 30 minutes, £26 - Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time. (replaces microZone® 20 minute treatment)

ProSkin 60 - 60 minutes, £47 - The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customised with advanced products, techniques and technology. A comprehensive service to address all skin concerns. (replaces the 60 minute Dermalogica Skin Treatment® and 45 minute IonActive treatment)

Expert Active - 30-60 minutes, £50 - Intensive resurfacing treatment for dramatic results. A super charged treatment that features BioSurface Peel powered up with the latest technology to deliver smooth polished skin. Intensive products, no redness, no downtime...just amazing skin.

So what is different? The power of IonActive products is what. Rather than keep them as a stand alone high-end treatment, the range will be split and form part of my main professional product arsenal. This means I can power up your treatment like never before, giving you quick and dramatic results in just one appointment. 

New options are available to book now. Existing options will remain in place until the end of the month. Any appointments booked for January and beyond will automatically upgraded to the new treatment options. If you have any questions about the changes just reply to this email and I'll get back to you with an answer!

Why you need to cleanse twice

Specifically oil based cleansers and what they do -

You may now be seeing oil based cleansers pop up everywhere and you may not be quite sure what they do. You see the best way to remove oil from your face is to put more on! Crazy isn't it?

The oil that is mixed in with whatever oil is on your skin, be that your skins natural oil (sebum), makeup or SPF oleosomes, will all blend into one. A cleansing oil is always hydrophillic (loves water) unlike the other types of oil found on your skin naturally or from products which can be hydrophobic. Using the hydrophillic properties of the cleansing oil, water can be introduced and this not only emulsifies itself, but also the other oils that we don't want on the skin.

Once the skin is superficially 'clean' of these oils your regular prescribed cleanser can actually do the job it was designed for much better than a double cleanse with one cleanser can do. Without the oily debris, your cleanser can now reach the follicles and pores to remove trapped debris.

If you are a heavy makeup wearer (12 hour foundation, long stay lipstick, heavy mascara) you especially need to make sure you are cleansing correctly. 

Free samples of Precleanse and Precleanse Balm are available, just ask at your next appointment.

Promotion extension 

Eve Taylor® launch Deal originally only available for September, but due to demand I've extended the end date to 31st October.

Eve Taylor® Sixty Minute Skin Treatment, with a Candle back, neck and shoulder massage (including the Eve Taylor® Aroma Wax candle to take home) and a Eve Taylor® Skin Kit. (Normal price £80.74)

Offer price £50

Book yours in now on www.bookarh.com

Prep and Go SkinSolver®

Designed for the party season - 

Deep clean, and hydrate skin for maximum luminosity and glow. This service ensures your skin is a smooth and polished canvas while giving you a choice of targeting your favourite facial feature – eyes or lips. Skin is illuminated and dewy – leaving you with a healthy natural look or perfectly primed for makeup application. 

10 minutes - £10
Book in for the day of your work night out here www.bookarh.com


Everything else

Remember to keep your receipt this month, it will have a coupon for a manicure in November for £15 which includes a free OPI Avojuice hand lotion. 

I hope you have a great October and look forward to seeing you soon!