Happy New Year! 

We are now well into 2017 and I'm sure we all have the same goal of taking care of ourselves better...and failing miserably at it so far. If you haven't failed, good for you! I however have eaten so much cheese my blood type is now 'dairy'. (Next week I start to lose the weight, I promise!)

One thing I get this time of year is a rush of people who have decided 'now' is the time to take control of their skin. This is great, but it comes with problems. Many peoples issues have developed over a long period of time. And just like my weight it will not disappear over night. Think of your home care as the gym for your skin and professional treatments as a session with a personal trainer. You will notice changes slowly, but there will be changes. Just like I can't go on a diet and lose 8 stone overnight, you cannot get rid of acne overnight.

Now just like gyms and PT's it costs money to achieve this (boo! I know). If you use a gym that only has a treadmill you will get exercise. If you use a gym with all types of equipment you will get a better quality of exercise and see better results sooner. If you go to a PT that only has a vague idea of what they are doing you may get some results, but they may also set you back. If you go to a PT with extensive experience, that is what you are paying for. The same is translatable to skincare and professional treatments. In the end, you get what you pay for. And if you are paying £80 for your hair, £30 for your nails and £100's on clothes a month, yet do not think something that is on show all the time is worth just a few quid, then you are in for a shock when that first deep wrinkle appears. You see superficial lines can be dealt with easier than a deep wrinkle, which then becomes the realm of fillers or surgery. Prevention is better than cure!

Knowledge base

Some of you might have noticed a new tab has appeared on the website. Knowledge base will launch in February and will be a collection of articles and videos about skin and skincare. Next time you are in ask me for the password. 


Daily Superfoliant

Go to the Facebook page to enter the competition for the chance to win a skincare set containing the new product from Dermalogica®. Alternatively, if you are having a Dermalogica® treatment in January, you will be entered into a draw to win another.

January promotions

Daily Superfoliant is now available for £55, with a free Detox SkinSolver®. 

Price increases 

As I have said in December Dermalogica® products will be increasing in price, however I have decided to keep retail at its current price for January only. Please take advantage before any increases. This is due to the fluctuation in the pound against the dollar and will also have effect on professional items purchased from Europe with other treatments. As usual any treatment costs will be from the new financial year in April, so I have time to tell everyone that will be affected. Also as you were told in December the free treatment structure will be changing for Dermalogica®. You will now have the following;

£60 product spend: Free SkinSolver®
£70 product spend: Free microZone®
£100 product spend: Free Dermalogica Skin Treatment®
£120 product spend: Free IonActive™ or BioSurface Peel™

Have a great January!