November & December

Water and moisturiser

As this time of year brings challenges to keeping our skin hydrated, are you applying your moisturiser correctly?

Someone came in and asked me during the past few weeks why their skin did not feel as hydrated as usual and asked if I could help. After questioning their routine, we identified a simple change that fixed the issue. I am to blame for the problem! More specifically my lack of educating (sorry). You see what is obvious to me as a professional may not be to you and I should really take more time to guide you through the steps of your new routine with more detail. As you know, when you buy a product I will talk to you about how to use it, when to use it and what it does. I do need to go the extra step and tell you how it works, which is the missing gap between how to use it and what it does.

Take for example your moisturiser, which is used after your toner. We all know what moisturiser does, don't we? Simply speaking it stops TEWL (transepidermal water loss), this means whatever moisture is on your skin stays on your skin, in addition to the moisture delivered by the moisturiser (and any 'active' ingredients to target specific issues). The toner step is used to prepare your skin. Specifically Dermalogica toners like Multi-Active Toner contain humectants which bind moisture to the skin. Your skin naturally produces humectants like lactic acid, so it is not a 'nasty' extra ingredient, it just helps to support your skins natural barrier functions.

So what have I missed that would help? Water is what. You see to me, based on what my toner and moisturiser do, it is obvious that I need water on my skin. But I may not have explained that to you. So based on what you now know now about your toner (moisture binding) and moisturiser (moisture trapping and delivery), the perfect thing to add would be more water! How do we do this? If you cleanse and exfoliate then go and brush your teeth, make sure when it comes to spraying your toner that your skin is damp. A little splash of water will make all the difference. If you still find that through your day you need a boost, spray your toner over your face for a moisture boost (tip: this also helps to set makeup perfectly).

Winter Glow treatment packages

Available now until the end of February either to have yourself or available as a voucher to give for Christmas.

I have three options put together, depending on how long you want to stay on the treatment bed for!

Winter Glow Bronze - Hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage and a Eve Taylor® 10 minute skin treatment (£23) or a Dermalogica® SkinSolver® (£25).

Winter Glow Silver - Hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage and a Eve Taylor® 30 minute skin treatment (£33) or Dermalogica® ProSkin30 (£37).

Winter Glow Gold - Hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage and a Eve Taylor® 60 minute skin treatment (£46) or Dermalogica® ProSkin60 (£53).

Skin savers

A chance to grab three superstar products for a special price. Treat yourself to travel sizes of PreCleanse Balm, any Dermalogica® cleanser and Daily Superfoliant. Normally £42.50+, until the end of December they are yours for £30.

Buy four get one free

Until 23rd December any Dermalogica® or Eve Taylor® retail purchases have a buy four and get one free offer. This is the perfect chance to step up your skin care game. Offer excludes travel size products and lowest priced product is free. 

Everything else

Receipt coupon from now until New Year will have a £5 off coupon for any Eve Taylor® product purchase. 

As the year draws to a close, please remember that appointments become limited, so if you want to make sure you get one please book now on

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