Happy New Year

I hope you are having a good new year so far. First up is the new Select Reward options. The following are valid from now until 31st March and for the first time ever now include free product options;

15 stamps - Free Seal & Protect Lip Balm or Refining Eye Gel or Shower Gel
15 stamps - Eve Taylor® Sixty Minute Skin Treatment for £25 (normally £37.75)
30 stamps - Free Prescriptive Masque or Aromatic Facial Oil
30 stamps - Aromawax back, neck & shoulder massage £12.50 (normally £22)
40 stamps - Free hot stone back, neck & shoulder massage


15 stamps - Free SkinSolver®
20 stamps - Free travel size product (excludes Daily Superfoliant®)
30 stamps - Free ProSkin 30
60 stamps - Free ProSkin 60

Select Reward stamps are given for every whole £10 spent on a treatment in a single transaction. Please remember to bring your card for each appointment as you may miss out on collecting your stamps.

Still time for Winter Glow

Remember you can still book in on www.bookarh.com for your Winter Glow package anytime between now and February 28th, when the promotion will end.

Get Skin Fit in 2018

This month sees the launch of the new Skin Fitness Plans (powered by Facemapping®). It is a new initiative designed for you to have a more in depth conversation with me regarding your skin every few months, so we can keep on top of any seasonal changes to your skin (i.e. dehydrated in winter because of heating). For January you can book in a special package which includes time for a Skin Fitness Plan, a SkinSolver® treatment and a prescriptive skin health kit for £30 on www.bookarh.com (look under the seasonal packages to find it).

Price increases 

As always, I am giving you the heads up in January, however any price increases I make always take effect in the new tax year which starts on the 6th April, but as this falls on a Friday I will be delaying the increases until the following week. So with effect from 9th April 2018 you will see an increase in price of all services, except for those detailed below which will remain static.

Not affected are Aromawax massages, which were priced in anticipation of cost rises, nor are any Eve Taylor® skin treatments for the same reason. Dermalogica® treatments, which you will already be aware of had the prices changed with effect from 1st January when the new ProSkin 30 and ProSkin 60 replaced the old treatments.

I will be able to tell you how prices are changing when I next see you.

Price decreases (yes, decreases)

As of right now, I will be disregarding all RRP for Dermalogica® retail items. Previously when Dermalogica® retail was sold, you could get free treatments depending on how much you spent. Taking on board feedback that people would just prefer a lower price, I am happy to accommodate and swap out free treatments for lower prices. 

For example;
PreCleanse 150ml was £37 - now £29.07
Active Moist 100ml was £50 - now £39.53

I hope you will find this a bit more easy to understand than the old system of spend this to get that, spend a pound more and get this or that, buy seven of these and get a fancy hat and so on. I will still have freebies that pop up through the year which will still form part of promotions though. 

Other stuff

This month for every Dermalogica® product you buy, you will receive a trial size that I think will work great with your skin (while stocks last).

Keep hold of your receipt as if you spend £25 on any Eve Taylor® products this month you can use the coupon to claim a free Refining Eye Gel.   

That is all for this month. I hope you have a great January!

See you soon,