Everything is changing...

I started to think a while back about the way we shop and if I could do something different. My business is about helping you achieve healthy skin. How do we do that? Professional treatments and prescriptive home care. Professional treatments I've got covered. I use an amazing, innovative, results driven line in conjunction with professional electrical modalities. I then looked at the way we currently shop;

When we think about walking into a high street shop, the main challenge we face is the lack of support. You are having to asses your own skin and sometimes we can get that very wrong. Another issue with high street lines is the efficacy of the product. A mass produced line at a low price has to be cost effective to retail, so lower quality filler ingredients and lower amounts of key ingredients (the things that actually make a difference) mean they can offer a solution to basic issues. Always check ingredients, they may appear the same as a higher end product, but if you check the order they are listed (which shows the largest to smallest amount in order), you will likely see a difference. And I will use this to address a current TV advert that claims their moisturiser is as hydrating as a £100 one. It most probably is as that is the point of any moisturiser, however the £100 one may contain ingredients that blows theirs out of the water with its effects.

When we look at counters in department stores we have the amazing added benefit of a one on one chat with a trained professional. The quality of the products is much better, often with high levels of key ingredients that will help you and your skin. The downside is the issue of a 'pressure selling' environment. There are targets set for the people on the counter and time limits that they can spend with you.

When we look at online sales, we lose the interaction with a trained professional. We can often purchase at a lower price, which is appealing. The issues with this come when we again have the lack of advice from someone actually looking at and touching your skin. We also have the issue of out of date products being sold on auction sites and most concerning, fake products. That's right, your online purchase of Dermalogica, Clarins, Decleor or Clinique may not be the real thing, and you could be better off smearing mayonnaise on your face. I have also seen recently a product that was discontinued YEARS ago on eBay. Be careful where you buy from!

When we look at a salon you have the trained professional, you have genuine (and in date) products and access to professional treatments, using the latest electrical equipment. Sometimes people feel salon prices can be too high. Please remember, you are getting a product that is in date and genuine, so don't compare online prices from an unauthorised retailer and think it is expensive (four stripe Abibas is always going to be cheaper than Adidas isn't it?).

I thought how can I still help people, ensure they are using genuine Dermalogica® products and make sure they are using everything they need to make a change? Make shopping local rather than online a better option. So this is what we are going to do. Starting today when you come in for a professional treatment and invest in your skin, I and Dermalogica® will invest in your skin too. We will do this by giving you a minimum of 50% of your treatment spend back.

Come in for the following treatment and get this amount to spend on products from Dermalogica®;

Skinsolver - £5 to spend
microZone - £12.50 to spend
Dermalogica Skin Treatment - £25 to spend
BioSurface Peel or IonActive - £30 to spend

By doing this you will now be able to access prescribed products at a far lower price than any online authorised retailer. You will also have a Dermalogica Expert able to actually look at your skin, take moisture readings, check for underlying issues using diagnostic tools and actually perform treatments that will tackle your skins issues in a flash. There you go, free products, just for having your usual treatment. 

Everything Else...

Due to popular demand, the receipt coupon will remain with the LVL Enhance promotion for the next two weeks before a new coupon promotion begins.

Advance warning about closed dates as there are a few coming up, book in asap if you want an appointment these weeks as the spaces will be gone closer to the time -

22nd March: Training
14th & 15th April: Good Friday/Bank holiday weekend
22nd April: Holiday
26th April: Training

And finally..

Continuing our charity donation with each visit you make each month has had the following result in February;

A £20 donation to Alder Hey Children's Charity
A £15 donation to North Clwyd Animal Rescue

And you have helped two people via Lend with care. One of them is Rieng Min from Cambodia. She will use the money to help her purchase more farm land to grow rice, supporting herself, her husband and two children. You have also helped Cecilia de jesus Pinzon quezada from Ecuador. She is a hairdresser and will use the money to purchase stock for her business which provides another job for an assistant and will also help pay for some medical bills.

That's all from me, hope to see you soon,



March promotions

March is here! Offers for this month for Dermalogica UK & IR include 10% off the whole retail range! And if that isn't enough, if you spend £80 you get your free microZone (worth £24) and you get to choose a free full size product from the picture! And as an extra bonus if you have a microZone or the dermalogica skin treatment this month you can pick up a skin kit for 25% off! (this includes the 10% offer with an added 15% bonus discount)

You may have noticed the website is changing over. Due to issues with unreliable hosting, the website is being shut down with the current provider and a new site put up instead! As the business name changed last year, I have decided on a new URL. So in future you will be able to go to www.arhskincare.com or www.bookarh.com to see what's new and also book in. 

See you soon!