Pleased to share that today I became accredited by MASCED.UK a programme developed to raise awareness of skin cancer across the health, beauty and hairdressing industry.

While we in these industries are not medical professionals who can diagnose, we still see your skin and areas you may not even notice often. This gives us the opportunity to let you know if something looks like it needs checking out by your doctor.

Let your hairdresser or therapist know about this too!

May - extra

Summer holidays on the way, where are you going?

Wherever you are going, make sure you are not neglecting your skin. Not looking after it for a couple of weeks can't be undone instantly, so I'm telling you now meaning I can say "told you so" in a few weeks. Don't make me say it!

Travel knowing your skin is covered. Purchase your regular moisturiser* and two travel sizes, and get a free Dermalogica® tote bag and travel size Power Cleanse Duo (Pre Cleanse & Daily Microfoliant) worth £34.

Get the Travel Essentials Kit containing award winning Conditioning Body Wash, Body Hydrating Cream along with Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Rinse for £30 (normally £37), which will count as your two travel sizes if you don't need the other travel size skin products. BTW you have to come and smell these four, they are on the tester stand, so make sure to have a look next time you are in.

Don't like greasy sun creams that give you spots? Neither do I, which is why I have plenty of samples of Protection 50 Sport SPF50. It is a broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) lightweight and water resistant SPF, which as the name suggests makes it great for sport but also for when you need to know your skin is adequately protected. Try before you buy with a sample and invest in the best sunscreen you will ever own for £32.50.

Heads up for June, where you can book your personalised holiday skin microZone® treatment for £20. Protocols have been specifically designed for whatever your holiday destination, making sure your skin doesn't need a holiday after you've had yours. And while we are on the subject of travel...

Barrier Repair from the UltraCalming® range is the perfect insulator for your skin on a flight, making sure your skins TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss in case you want to know for future reference. It may also pop up in a quiz!) is kept to a minimum, and perfect for whatever destination as it can also help protect your skin from wind burn if you are off skiing.

Diversion of products

Currently there is a massive upswing of fake and diverted products flooding the market. Dermalogica® have now started implementing new tracking procedures (Overnight Retinol Repair 1% is the first to have them), this will hopefully see an end to diversion on the level that it is currently.

Diversion, if you are not aware is stores (like T.K. Maxx) obtaining professional salon brands from people who hold genuine accounts with companies like Dermalogica®, Elemis, Tigi, O.P.I. etc. and selling them on. Perfectly acceptable you might think. The problem with this is some products have a 'use by' date. In a salon we are aware of how long stock has been on a shelf, and if it is out of date or about to be unusable within a couple of months and we send it back and get the product replaced with a fresh one. Those selling to stores are most likely not really bothered as there is no motivation for them to go to that kind of trouble. Then there is the issue of storage. I do not have a warehouse which flips up and down into high and low temperatures, whereas these stores can do. The environment the products are kept in can have an effect on the stability of the product. There are places like John Lewis (an authorised stockist) that have Dermalogica® staff in them who can make sure the products are stored correctly, and more importantly professionally prescribed. If you look on your products packaging, most do say the are guaranteed when professionally recommended. Meaning if you have bought them without being checked by a professional for any potential allergies or risk of aggravation of a condition, then it is buyer beware and you have no legal recourse with these stores. 

Fake products are another issue. When any brand becomes popular, there is always a fake following not too far behind. With this it is a simple matter of you not knowing what is going on your face.

How do we fix the problem? Stop buying online and start buying from a local authorised stockist. I know sometimes the online thing can be a draw to save a few quid, which is why from 13//05/2017 a price match guarantee will cover all Dermalogica® products sold through authorised retailers found here: and I will also price match this is up to you to point out when you come in and I can check on the day (I don't have time to check them all daily as I don't have the resources of John Lewis!). As an added note, the free treatments with spend levels is still in place, which you do not get online and also certain freebies like above will remain exclusive to treatment providers.

As always T&C's apply and promotions are limited to available stock, so if you want anything that is free or reduced in price be quick. Book your next appointment now on:

See you soon,


(*Moisturiser in 100ml or 50ml sizes, excluding Clear Start range)

Sneak peek ahead to June....

The amazing 30-30-30 offer is back on. As this was so popular last year, I am allowing advanced bookings. I am limited to 48 of these packs, so when I reach 48 bookings for this offer that is it. The treatment is now live on the booking system at look for Dermalogica® 30-30-30. Please remember to book in June for this offer, if you book it for May I will still be able to do your treatment, but you will not receive your products until June. Remember once 48 people have booked there are no more of these packs, so get in there first!


Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream and MultiVitamin Power Firm.

March promotions

March is here! Offers for this month for Dermalogica UK & IR include 10% off the whole retail range! And if that isn't enough, if you spend £80 you get your free microZone (worth £24) and you get to choose a free full size product from the picture! And as an extra bonus if you have a microZone or the dermalogica skin treatment this month you can pick up a skin kit for 25% off! (this includes the 10% offer with an added 15% bonus discount)

You may have noticed the website is changing over. Due to issues with unreliable hosting, the website is being shut down with the current provider and a new site put up instead! As the business name changed last year, I have decided on a new URL. So in future you will be able to go to or to see what's new and also book in. 

See you soon!