Waxing and tinting


Please note a sensitivity test is required prior to each treatment, you will be required to sign each time prior to your appointment to confirm that this has take place at least 48 hours previously. If you have not had a test you will be refused treatment. Age restriction: 18+.

Lash Tint £9.00

Tinting of the lashes to give a fuller look to them.  

Brow Tint £8.00

Tint mixed especially for you, taking into account your hair colour and skin tone.

Henna Brow £20.00

Henna Brow top up £15.00 (within 2-3 weeks of treatment)

Henna Brow with Brow Tidy £25.00

Henna is used to stain the brows and skin underneath, giving an appearance of fullness to the area. For full details (including aftercare) click here.

Additional brow and lash services available see HD brows and LVL Enhance for further details. 


Using a high quality wax, you are invited for a sensitivity test to waxes prior to their use. Waxing treatments are available to people aged 16 and over only (under 18's will require parental consent for signed at time of treatment). Full pre and post care information provided each treatment. Post care products are available and recommended for purchase to maintain your skins health.

Enhanced Brow Tidy £13.25 

Waxing, threading, trimming, plucking to perfection and then application of brow make up.

Brow Tidy £8.50

Waxing, trimming and plucking to give you the perfect shape.

Brow Tidy, Tint & Lash Tint £22.00 (£29.00 for upgrade to Henna on brows)

Transform the eyes in one sitting. Three popular treatments for a special price.

Upper lip £4.75

Removal of hair from the upper lip. I have a honesty policy; If you ask me do you think it needs doing, I will tell you the truth.

Chin £4.75

Removal of hair from round the chin area and down to the neck.

Nostril Wax £8.00

The best decision you'll ever make, don't worry it doesn't hurt!

Underarm £8.25

Feel fresh and wave your arms round in the air, safe in the knowledge that people won't stare. 

Forearm or Upper Arm £11.00

Yes you can get it done, no you're not the first. 

Back £18.00

Everything from top of the bum to neck line and round the shoulders, with blending seamlessly into the 't-shirt line'.

Chest & Stomach £25.50

From the top of the mons pubis, right the way up to the neck. If you want to leave some in certain areas, that can be done too.

Half Leg £22.00

Removal from just above knee and all below, including toes.

Full Leg £38.50

Removal from upper thighs and all below, including toes. 

For the below specialist waxing treatments,  you will be asked to remove your clothes from the waist down. 

Age restriction 18+


Brief Line £10.25

Removal of hair from crease of leg and trimming.

Buttocks & Intergluteal Cleft £18.00

Removal of hair from butt cheeks and crack. You can also just have the hair from the butt crack removed and remaining hair left, entirely up to you!

Groin Wax £28.00

Removal of hair from the brief line, scrotum and the penis, shaping of hair on groin.

Male Brazilian (aka "Hollywood") £45.00

Total removal of hair both front and back or with some left on groin or buttocks if you would prefer. (Book with back for the full 'back, sac, crack' treatment).

Before and after

Prior to waxing please ensure you come in clean and with at least 4 weeks regrowth. Due to the nature of the area being waxed you may find that bringing in a fresh pair of underwear/t-shirt will be preferable to changing back into clothes you may have been to work/sweated in all day. Please follow the aftercare advice given to you after each appointment and ensure you use the correct aftercare products recommended to you. 


Hygiene: I use disposable couch roll and disposable towels for each treatment. Anything that is not disposable is sanitised using Barbicide solution which is an EPA-registered hospital strength disinfectant for tools and surfaces. Kills HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Hepatitis B and C virus and numerous other pathogenic organisms.